The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2010 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Health Care Integrated Ad Campaign

Through consumer research, we discovered that parents (our primary audience) do not recognize the need for pediatric expertise in emergency and urgent care situations, believing that any local hospital is equipped to treat their child. Parents tend to default to the closest and/or most familiar hospital in an emergency situation, either thinking that all care is the same, or not knowing in advance where the closest Children’s Hospital location is.

Therefore, we developed a cohesive campaign, “Are You Ready?” to increase awareness of The Children’s Hospital Urgent and Emergency Care locations, help parents recognize what pediatric expertise means and understand the importance of being prepared ahead of time. Launching with a spread and insert in 5280 Magazine’s Top Docs issue, along with geo-targeted local print ads and an interactive banner campaign which helped parents understand what “pediatric expertise” means, we drove parents online to our Are You Ready website. Once on the site, parents could create a customizable In Case of Emergency Kit, which included turn-by-turn directions to the closest TCH location, as well as emergency medical forms and treatment consent forms for each child. By gathering this information ahead of time, not only would parents have the necessary forms together for themselves, grandparents, babysitters, etc, but would also have specific directions to the closest TCH location and an understanding of why The Children’s Hospital is the best place to take their child.


Marketing Communications Manager: Jennifer Leung
Director of Marketing : Michelle Middleton
Senior Writer: Danyelle Taylor
Senior Art Director: Patrick Montgomery
Senior Interactive Developer: Patrick Vormittag
Interactive Project Manager : Scott Woodrow
Senior Technology Manager : Matt Laufer
Production Artist : Clint Betlej


Location: USA