The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2010 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Small Business Integrated Ad Campaign

Traction was brought on with the challenge of launching to the U.S. small business market. is a global online platform that allows anyone to find the perfect partner for their business—suppliers, manufacturers or customers—anywhere in the world. The campaign told small businesses that was the place to “Find it. Make it. Sell it.” Regardless of what “it” might be. To promote this radically new concept to audiences, we crafted an integrated brand narrative across channels aligned to each of the core messages, “Find it. Make it. Sell it.” For instance, the “Find it” story line featured “Mamie” who is able to abandon the grind of corporate boardrooms when she finds inventory on to start her own oven mitt business and take on the big guys. Integration was seamless across media—and the marketing funnel. The brand narrative began with TV spots, online pre-roll ads, print ads, Flash banners and a rich media ad unit with custom video introducing the characters and tempting viewers to “see how they did it.” Ads drove to where additional “mockumentary” videos created specifically for the Web showed how the characters used to build their successful small businesses. And, adjacent to those videos were direct response offers to propel audiences as far down the funnel as we could. In the month after campaign launch, U.S. traffic to soared from five to seven million visitors. Over a four-month period, the campaign lifted awareness from 14% to 33%.


Executive Creative Director: Theo Fanning
Associate Creative Director: Renee Crawshaw
Associate Creative Director: Jim Reed
Copywriter: Guy Reingold
Art Director: Kellie Okai
Lead Developer: Dan Trudell
Technical Director: Paul Giese
Senior Account Director: Jabeen Yusuf


Location: USA