The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2010 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Application Service Provider Rich Media Online Campaign

In 2009 Nokia, the world’s leader in mobile device manufacturing launched its mobile applications platform called the Ovi Store. Wunderman was asked to create a campaign and social media platform that introduced and inspired 1 billion Nokia Phone Owners to download the Ovi Store to their phones. Using a universal consumer insight, that in a connected world people share what they love with their phones, wunderman created the Ovi branded movement Show Your Nokia Some ♥ (Love). The Show Your Nokia Some ♥ platform started in social media with the launch of a Facebook Ovi store and widgets. The widgets were distributed to social media influencers across the globe. Each widget brought the power of ♥ (the Ovi Store) straight into its interface. Users are able to register and browse top Ovi Store apps for download within the widgets. The Tweet What You ♥ (Love) widget uses Twitter's open api to send automated tweets to the influencer’s followers about the apps they love the most in the Ovi Store! The Share The ♥ (Love) video widget used photobucket's open api to bring a users photos into the messaging which could be shared on over 200 social media platforms. The Show Your Nokia Some ♥ (Love) Newsletter was started and sent to all registered Nokia users. On January 13, Nokia launched the campaign in 70 Nokia owned proprieties in a 150 countries. In the first two weeks over 25,000 acts of love were preformed as a result of the platform launch.


Chief Creative Officer : Nick Moore
Group Creative Diector : Joanna Pena-Bickley
Senior Art Director: Jason Cohen
Senior Art Director : Chris Loccisano
Copywriter : Efrem Oshinsky
Associate Creative Director : Jennifer Leuzzi


Location: USA