The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2009 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Transportation Websites

Motorcycle, ATV and Scooter enthusiasts
Gender: Male 86%, Female 14%
Mean Age: 40.2
Ethnicity: % White 86% % Minority 14%
Mean Annual HH Income: $75,540

In redesigning the Suzuki recreational products website for 2009 and beyond, we've extended the clean, simple visual style and pushed the energy of that site-and the entire brand voice-to new heights.

The all-new invites users to dive deep and explore the site in innovative and intuitive ways, encourages them to engage with the brand with greater interaction than ever before, and creates a very real and emotional connection to the role Suzuki products play in customers' lives.

By bringing Suzuki's core values of innovation, passion, value,
performance, and engineering excellence to life, the new creates an emotional connection that forms the foundation of the Suzuki brand. And by keeping the visual style of the site clean, modular, and exploratory throughout, we deliver an online experience that's truly "future forward"-one that will stay fresh and feel unique for Suzuki's growing community of riders for years to come.


Account Director: Keyvan Hajiani
Project Manager: Jonah Burlingame
Director of Technology: Will Chamberlin
Creative Director: Jeff Wagener
Art Director: Justin Reynolds
Art Director: Jeff Kurek
Assoc. Creative Director: Brook Stahley


Location: USA